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Apartment Donovaly



An ideal place for nature lovers, winter and summer sports enthusiasts.

We lovingly created this place and every detail in it for you, so that you feel more at home here and fully enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature, the charm and the services of Donovál.

Hillhome apartment is its location, as well as its equipment, suitable not only for couples but also families looking for privacy in the middle of Donoval. It is located near the ski slopes and the center of the town. 

Hillhome Donovaly Apartmán obývačka




Donovaly is known throughout Slovakia mainly thanks to summer tourism and winter sports.


Above all, however, they are a year-round paradise for children. Here you will find many children's summer and winter amusement parks, attractions, games and ski schools.

Of course, thanks to the various attractions and nature, adults will also enjoy themselves.

Are you a lover of winter sports, adrenaline, hiking, cycling, or relaxation and fun? There is something here for everyone.

I am quite picky about accommodation, but this was absolutely exceptional. Even before entering, the beautiful atmosphere of this breathtaking house breathed on us. The apartment is located on the ground floor of the house. The layout is very elegant and everything is completely new. In the evening, we also used the sauna, which is right in the apartment, and we cooled down outside on the beautiful balcony with a view of the sunset. Perhaps for the first time, it happened to me that the condition of the place surpassed the photos when booking. Next time we will stay in Donovaly for a few days longer to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Otherwise, the owner is a very pleasant young lady who will give you lots of tips for local experiences.

The apartment is really located in a beautiful mountain environment, every corner in it is fully usable and every thing has its place. Since the evenings were colder during our stay, we were able to make full use of the new sauna, which cannot be faulted. The apartment is furnished in a modern style, I warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a little inspiration :) Thanks to that and the owner's approach, we felt the warmth of home from everywhere. Thank you, and we will definitely come back!

Maximum use of space. There was everything we needed. Great apartment even for a small child, especially when he sleeps with his parents. The bedroom is well designed.

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